MoxiTalent real estate recruitment software

Successful recruiting isn’t just getting agents in the door. It’s about finding the right talent that aligns with your vision and retaining great producers as they grow. 

You’ll meet your recruiting goals in no time with MoxiTalent.

  • AI-powered recommendations for local agents that match with your preferred skill levels.
  • Sync MoxiTalent with your existing contacts and calendars to keep all your efforts managed in one place.
  • Built on the same successful principles of our agent CRM, MoxiTalent supports recruiters in building strong relationships and 'closing' the deal.
  • No more re-"tension" headaches when you empower your recruiters and managers with the right tools and workflows.
  • Guided workflows can be tailored to reflect your company's recruiting process, customized by each manager or updated for everyone on your recruiting team.
  • Consistency helps show where your recruiting team can switch things up or improve the process to bring more talented agents to your crew.
  • A great axiom of management: if you don't measure it, how can you improve it?
  • MoxiTalent gives reporting visuals of how many recruits are in which stage of their journey, helping you predict when to conduct trainings, increase resources, or schedule job fairs.
  • Using our AI-powered recommendations also mitigates unintentional hiring bias and gives you objective criteria to evaluate; helping find the best talent in your market.
moxi talent recruiting and management software for real estate

Stack MoxiTalent with other products

Looking for a solution that will support agents once they're on board? MoxiTalent pairs well with other products.

Recruit and Retain Top Talent

2 birds, 1 stone. Your MoxiWorks tools support agents and managers with day-to-day tasks.


Create inspiring recruiting sites and let your brand shine.


Share inspiring presentations with prospective recruits about your amazing company


Identify and attract the right agents for your brand


Manage and coach agent productivity and goals through sphere-selling



"If an agent knows that a manager is paying attention, they feel support. The agent has a business planning tool that they can roll out and the manager will help them succeed. It helps the culture of the whole office.

OB Jacobi

President | Windermere Real Estate

Day-to-Day Done Right

Share and build upon your best practices.


Help agents achieve goals and serve clients without missing opportunities


Get agents paid fast, track cap progress, and ease closing chaos


Centralize learning resources and tools for your agents


Hear it from them

"[Our] platform, powered by MoxiWorks is incredible technology. Not only does it have everything an agent needs to be successful, the different segments of the platform work together, meaning our agents can spend time understanding their clients’ needs and delivering an excellent experience."

Brian Rushton

Executive Vice President | CENTURY 21 Canada


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