The most bright and shiny tool in any real estate agents toolbox

With the belief and knowledge that email marketing is the most cost effective and efficient way to scale, see how this agent has fully embraced the power and automation of ActivePipe. 

Darren Von Britton Customer Story Feature

The golden standard for email marketing

When Darren Von Britton and I first spoke to learn more about his next-level results with ActivePipe he shared with me his philosophy on a person’s email address being as valuable as gold. “You can’t do anything without an email,” Darren emphasized.

And, he's not wrong. Almost everything these days requires an email address — social media, car rental, buying a home... everything revolves around email. And, Darren and other smart real estate agents know how to capitalize on that fact to stay in flow with their clients.

“I remember when I found the brokerage that I'm with now and they had this thing called ActivePipe, I truly had never seen something that was shinier or brighter to me ever as an agent in the world of tools and resources. It blew my mind,” shared Darren.

Darren uses ActivePipe as a way to stay in touch with his clients, long before they are ready to buy or sell.

"One of the reasons amongst many that I love ActivePipe is that it takes that concept of being able to stay in touch with my clients in a genuine manner and just elevates it to the point of like, set it and forget it. Elevate it."

Darren staying in touch with clients

“In order to stand out amongst all of the noise that is always occurring in real estate, I think it really comes down to the experience that you give your clients,” said Darren. “And one of the basics that's always mattered to me is just staying in touch.”

Stay in flow, automatically

Darren is constantly staying in flow with his clients via email whether it’s sending market report emails, monthly newsletters, or just a quick check-in.

"Whatever you need to do to take advantage of email marketing, it needs to happen because the way that Active Pipe specifically has transformed my business is mind-blowing."

ActivePipe market report email

What’s even better is that Darren shared his brokerage builds beautifully crafted templates and graphics that make it super easy as an agent to stay on brand and “make you look unbelievable.” Darren also shared that the integration into the MLS has made his life so much easier. No more manually pulling market reports, it’s all directly integrated into his system.

"The things that it allows me to do are by and away far more than any other singular piece of technology that I’ve worked with."

Chatting with Darren was the best reminder about why doing what we do to support agents and everything they do to help people buy and sell homes is so powerful and so important. And it shows, because ActivePipe emails have an average open rate 1.5x higher than the average for real estate email campaigns.

"Being able to listen to my clients and really discover what they want out of their life, their lifestyle, what they love to do, and connecting them with a home that actually allows them to do those things is it just makes me light up."

Darren Von Britton happily helps a client with their home search

Did you know 3-6% of an agent’s sphere is thinking of selling at any given time? Those are can’t-miss opportunities. With ActivePipe, we’ll help you find them. 

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