Running a more effective and efficient business

Embracing technology that helps them be true to themselves and their core values, The Group, Inc. has been able to run a better business and stand out in the brokerage landscape.

Staying top of mind with their clients

The Group, Inc. is the birthplace of Ninja Selling from the great Larry Kendall. The philosophy behind Ninja Selling is all about ‘building relationships, listening to the customer, and helping them achieve their goals’. The Group, Inc. lives by these values every day and it’s what has guided them to their success. 
The whole purpose of Ninja Selling is to stay in touch with your clients, to create those relationships that last long after the initial transaction,” said Christie Duggar, Broker/Partner, The Group, Inc. “MoxiWorks allows me to stay in contact with my clients by generating unsolicited CMAs, sending updates on the market, or anything I feel like they need to know. I can do it through that platform, and it takes seconds. It keeps me top of mind.

Running a more effective and efficient business

The Group, Inc. stands firmly in their core values of relationships, pursuit of mastery & lifelong learning and community, and it all bleeds through to help the brokerage and their agent partners run a better business.  
“So many people come to us and are looking to run a more effective and efficient business. So, when we’re able to provide tools like MoxiWork to them, it really makes us stand out.” - Brandon Wells, CEO, The Group, Inc.  
Not only does The Group, Inc.’s tech stack help them stand out in their day-to-day, they also credit having the MoxiWorks tools up and running with helping to solve the challenges they faced during the pandemic. “It helped our partners rest easy, our clients rest easy that we could still meet their needs and so it really helped us shine during that period,” said Wells.

The Power's in the Presentation

The Group, Inc. uses MoxiPresent to build professional CMA presentations in seconds that not only impress their existing clients but has helped them win listings when up against other agents. 
“I had used other programs previously to show our marketing materials electronically and they just weren’t as great as we wanted them to be,” said Amy Roup, Personal Marketing & Graphic Designer, The Group, Inc. So when MoxiWorks was brought in I was very thankful to have a user-friendly platform that we could easily market our materials electronically to anyone near or far, and really have some fun with it.” 

I think it’s just an all-encompassing program that allows us to put our best foot forward. We’ve won several listings because the sellers were so impressed by our presentation that it really put us over the edge,” said Duggar.

Reliable service equals results

Being in the real estate industry means being on when your clients need you to be on. You need your tools and systems to be prepped and ready at a moment’s notice so you can help your clients buy or sell when they are ready. 
Having Moxi gives us the comfortable feeling that the tools will work and are reliable. It also is imperative in a very competitive brokerage landscape for us to have the best tools. We love the innovative ideas that Moxi continues to bring to solve challenges so we don’t have to be doing all of the R&D and we stay relevant with the resources we have. It helps our partners shine, said Wells.

Bettering your community

Besides the amazing benefits of helping clients buy and sell their homes, being in real estate means having a direct impact on building and maintaining your local community. The Group, Inc. Is living out their mission doing just that. 
“If we are truly going to live in our truth as a brokerage, we have to be well-supported and well-rounded in everything we do. We are really fortunate with our relationship with MoxiWorks and how all those things align because it helps us run a better brokerage, helps us be better people, and helps us be better at servicing our community.  - Brandon Wells, CEO, The Group, Inc.