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We've received an outpouring of support throughout the industry on our open challenge of Compass and their inflated claims. We continue to uncover new data that exposes actual agent productivity performance that refutes Compass’s numbers.

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*Data taken from all listings sold on or after Jan 1, 2016. Analysis only includes agents who were Compass agents for at least 6 months and had substantial transaction records before and during Compass tenure. The same 6 month periods were used year-over-year to account for seasonality.

*Go here for Reffkin's comment, see 2:12.

Read our CEO's open letter to Compass

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The Tech Stack

MoxiWorks tech stack vs Compass tech stack

Thank you!

We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and support following our release of data and our CEO's open letter. Thank you to the many who called, emailed, texted, and posted on social media. These are a few highlights.