When you hold all the cards, you control the conversation. 


Give clients a clear view of every option they have, including ibuyers or alternate markets, while remaining central to the transaction with zavvie and MoxiWorks. 

Every option is on the table

MoxiPresent has been proven to help agents win more clients and make their own market. Agents fully utilizing MoxiPresent see 93% higher sales volume and did 77% more transactions than agents without it. In an age of disruption and innovation, zavvie empowers agents by helping them offer all selling solutions to their clients. 

We figured there’s never too much of a good thing when it comes to serving your clients. So, we baked zavvie’s best features directly into MoxiPresent. The best of both products means a superior service for your clients — a service your competition can’t beat. 

Every possibility is clear

Easily show a personalized estimate report from zavvie within your MoxiPresent seller presentations. Show customers the potential net earnings if they listed on the traditional market, searched for an instant offer, or even went the route of getting a bridge loan.  

You paint a broader picture for the client, illustrating the range in profit and time they could expect to transact. Not only can this help guide a pricing and listing strategy, but it still keeps your agents at the center of the relationship — even in an ibuyer or alternate market transaction. 

Every opportunity is actionable

Not only will agents have transparent listing strategy conversations with prospects and clients, they can immediately take action directly from the MoxiPresent presentation in zavvie’s report. 

Each option in the report can initiate an actual process. If a client wants to see actual offers and fine-tuned comparisons of the alternate markets, your agent can initiate a request on their behalf and the zavvie team gets to work sourcing selling options. There’s no pressure on the consumer to act on the returned results, rather it’s a personalized service that helps them find the best route to market. 

At the end of the day, that’s why we’re here, right?