New Data Reveals Agents Using MoxiPresent in 2020 did 77% More Transactions than Their Peers

New Data Reveals Agents Using MoxiPresent in 2020 did 77% More Transactions than Their Peers

2020 analysis shows increased productivity of real estate agents using the MoxiWorks CMA and presentation tool

SEATTLE, Wa. (May 25, 2021) – MoxiWorks, the leading real estate technology platform, released new data this week for their industry-leading CMA and presentation tool, MoxiPresent®. The analysis done by MoxiWorks looked at productivity and MoxiPresent usage in 2020 across 82 brokerages representing nearly 100,000 agents. According to the analysis real estate agents using MoxiPresent did significantly better than their peers who didn’t.

According to the analysis, on average, an agent using MoxiPresent in any capacity saw 17% more transactions and 24% higher sales volume than those not using MoxiPresent. Further, those who fully utilized MoxiPresent in their business saw 77% more transactions and 93% higher sales volume than their peers.

“It’s clear – while 2020 held many challenges for agents, those who used MoxiPresent outperformed their peers by a landslide,” said York Baur, MoxiWorks CEO. “Analyzing this data proves that, despite the uncertainty and unforeseen challenges of 2020, inventory moved and agents found success.”

This data comes after a year when there were 5.65 million home sales despite a pandemic, compared to 5.25 million sold in 2019, and we are tracking to exceed that in 2021 (source). “While we like to fault the market for a lack of listings, inventory is coming and going at exceptional rates, which means there is inventory out there – but only some agents are seeing it,” said Baur. “Those agents are the ones that serve as trusted advisors to their clients, helping them see what’s possible in a difficult market. As a result, they get a disproportionate share of the business.”

MoxiPresent enables agents to create CMAs in addition to buyer tours, open house presentations, relocation presentations, neighborhood tours, and so much more, empowering agents to serve as a true consultant with those in their sphere of influence, facilitating everything from listing presentations and pricing conversations to annual property reviews. “These are the agents outperforming their peers and finding 77% more inventory in the midst of a national ‘shortage,’” said Baur.

“These agents who are seeing leaps and bounds more business are serving as true consultants to their sphere of influence,” added Baur. “They save time, benefiting from the ease-of-use of integrated property data and they deliver a better experience to their clients. These are agents at brokerages that have invested in tools built on improving agent productivity, and that success is being proven time and time again.”

MoxiPresent’s efficacy is tried and true, having been around for almost a decade, continually evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of agents and rising expectations of consumers. More than 3 million presentations have been created using MoxiPresent.

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